If you sweet-talk someone, you use persuasion and charm to get what you want.

The small dictionary of idiomes. 2014.

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  • sweet talk — sweet talks, sweet talking, sweet talked also sweet talk VERB If you sweet talk someone, you talk to them very nicely so that they will do what you want. [V n into ing/n] She could always sweet talk Pamela into letting her stay up late... [V n]… …   English dictionary

  • sweet-talk — v [T] informal to persuade someone to do something by talking to them nicely and making them feel good sweet talk sb into doing sth ▪ I managed to sweet talk her into driving me home. >sweet talk n [U] …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • sweet-talk — sweet ,talk verb transitive INFORMAL to talk to someone in a very nice way in order to persuade them to do something: Joe sweet talked her into lending him the money. ╾ sweet ,talk noun uncount …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • sweet-talk — /sweet tawk /, Informal. v.i. 1. to use cajoling words. v.t. 2. to use cajoling words on in order to persuade; soft soap: They tried to sweet talk the boss into giving them raises. [1925 30] * * * …   Universalium

  • sweet-talk — ☆ sweet talk [swēt′tôk΄ ] vt., vi. Informal to talk in a flattering or blandishing way (to) …   English World dictionary

  • sweet talk — sweet′ talk n. inf inf cajolery; flattery • Etymology: 1925–30 …   From formal English to slang

  • sweet-talk — sweet′ talk v. t. Informal. 1) inf to use cajoling words on; flatter 2) inf to use cajoling words • Etymology: 1925–30 …   From formal English to slang

  • sweet-talk — ► VERB informal ▪ persuade to do something by insincere flattery or kind words …   English terms dictionary

  • sweet-talk — UK / US verb [transitive] Word forms sweet talk : present tense I/you/we/they sweet talk he/she/it sweet talks present participle sweet talking past tense sweet talked past participle sweet talked informal to talk to someone in a very nice way in …   English dictionary

  • sweet-talk — /ˈswit tɔk/ (say sweet tawk) verb (t) Colloquial 1. to talk in a soothing manner to: to sweet talk the baby. 2. (sometimes followed by into) to persuade (someone) by ingratiating talk: *I tried, every way I knew how, to sweet talk myself into… …  

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